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 Kermit DAREFC Application

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PostSubject: Kermit DAREFC Application   Kermit DAREFC Application Icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2013 6:35 pm

RuneScape Name: Capt Luigi
IRC Nick: Capt
Rank Buying: Recruit-lowest
Tell us about yourself: Yoo wuddup, I'm Evan I game a lot. I have a bulldozer 3.8 gh.z, 16 gb ram, one terabyte, and 2 amd Radeon graphics crossfiring (7500+) about 6 mb upload 12 mb download, from Wisconsin, usa central. I play runescape daily, its religiously. I mix dubstep with traktorsv2, with traktor pro. Also produce. afro I'm chill I love to geek people out. jocolor Im overall a good guy, reliable, and teachable.
YouTube Channel: BoxHeadEntertainment
Soundcloud: KermitZaFrog
How you found out about us: Saw you guys 2-3 months back, never really talked or gambled. Until a month ago.
Why you would make a good host: I could host for you, since I have the cpu to do so, If I stay here for long and make it my home, I love gold. I'm like a leprechaun. king I'm teachable. I would love to help darefc expand. I would be one helpful working member, if you give me the chance.
Any real life information you are willing to enclose: I DJ, I produce music, I can make high resolution video design. I can script a little bit. I'm 6'3. Names Evan. I love to rave, I quit smoking. I used to run several gaming community's. I have my own boughten teamspeak. I have good web developing skills. Anymore just ask! P.S I never sent an application to any other fc seps DARE. You guys are far the best and I'd love to be apart of the team... my Avatar will be biggie smalls counting money.. I'l be active on the forum, the game, and all around dare. Thanks homies for readin and takn the time! afro
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PostSubject: Re: Kermit DAREFC Application   Kermit DAREFC Application Icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2013 11:19 pm

Hey read through all of that :p wish i had your computer!

Anyways willing to accept this and can you join the teamspeak?: la01.gameservers.com:9255

Thanks Lewis


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Kermit DAREFC Application

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